You have probably heard about different kinds of PBX solutions for Business. The terms may get confusing as they are sometimes referred to by different names. Here are the main types you need to worry about:

Cloud PBX: This is also sometimes referred to as Hosted PBX. Cloud PBX is not installed physically on the business site. A Cloud based PBX solution is hosted on the internet and does not need installation of any additional equipment.

Cloud Based PBX Solution

On premise/Onsite/Traditional PBX: The term “Onsite PBX” refers to the PBX system where all the required hardware is run onsite on the business’s servers.

Here are 7 reasons why you should prefer using Cloud PBX over Onsite PBX.

1.    Quick setup

Onsite PBX system requires investing in servers, hardware, software and systems. The business also need to employ IT staff for setting up and customizing the PBX system for specific needs.

In contrast to this, you can start using a Cloud PBX system without investing additional time and resources. Your business can start using the Cloud based PBX solution without building a custom IT infrastructure.

The providers make it easy for you to customize, configure and extend the capabilities of the Cloud PBX system by providing you with an easy-to-use dashboard that you can use to monitor inbound and outbound calls.

2.    Omnichannel communication

Omnichannel Communication

Nowadays, communication and collaboration takes place in a distributed environment using a variety of communication tools. Your business must enable omnichannel communication for improving employee efficiency and customer experience.

On-premise PBX system does offer a few standard features to allow omnichannel business communication. However, Cloud PBX supports multiple mediums of communication – voice, video and text. Not only that, it executes inbound and outbound calls using popular communication protocols such as VoIP, RTSP, RTP and TCP/IP.

3.    Scale on Demand

An onsite PBX phone system cannot be scaled up or down without investing more time and resources.

It is easier to scale Cloud based PBX solutions by adding new extensions or creating additional user accounts without any restrictions. You can also avail the needed computing resources to handle additional workload based on a pay-as-you-go model.

You can also streamline business communication by monitoring and tuning call related activities based on statistics offered by the portal.

4.    Maintain security and reliability

Cloud PBX System

Cloud PBX runs on offsite data centers managed by the cloud service providers who maintain and upgrade the cloud infrastructure to reduce downtime. Many providers host the PBX system on private cloud servers to secure corporate communication.

They also take steps to prevent security breaches and targeted attacks. A lot businesses make the switch to a Cloud based PBX solution to achieve higher levels of reliability and redundancy without having to invest in additional resources.

5.    Accelerate Disaster Recovery

A Cloud based PBX solution helps you in continuing corporate communication even in the face of natural and man-made disasters.

Since your employees access the Cloud PBX system using the internet, they can interact with customers from other locations. Cloud based PBX systems allow you to easily shift or relocate your business without interrupting business communication.

6.    Operate in Distributed environments

You cannot enable uninterrupted and seamless communication between your customers and employees without establishing a distributed work environment.

A Cloud based PBX system enables your employees to access the hosted PBX solution from anywhere they can access internet from. Some companies are now leveraging cloud based technologies to enhance corporate communication by implementing BYOD (bring your own device) policies.

7.    Shrink your IT budget

Onsite PBX phone systems require that you invest in expensive hardware and accompanying software. Not only that, you are also required to employ dedicated IT staff and additional resources for maintaining, scaling and upgrading your PBX phone system.

PBX Phone System

With a Cloud PBX, your business can access the PBX system using the internet without having to build and manage any onsite IT infrastructure. Cloud based PBX system providers also allow you the flexibility to avail the virtual PBX solutions by scaling the PBX system as per your specific corporate communication needs.

Cloud based PBX systems are more cost-efficient, scalable, flexible and extensible compared to onsite PBX systems. Also, you should opt for a cloud service provider who provides 24/7 technical support. The right Cloud PBX solution will help you in optimizing corporate communication while consolidating internal communication over a period of time.


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