Connect Global DNC to SIP

When you activate Global DNC, all your active SIP subscriptions will have the Compliance tab. To integrate Global DNC with SIP, follow the steps below: Go to SIP Select Compliance tab Choose one of the default actions: Ask me ...

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Compliance Flag

This feature is to enable the compliance flag that enforces all calls to check against DNC regardless of the DNC settings of an agent. To use the feature, you have ...

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Tokenize your consent list

This feature helps you mask real numbers in the consent list with a string of characters. In order to enable this feature, you need to contact your Service Provider for ...

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Connect Global DNC to BizPhone

Make sure you have available DNC licenses in your Bizphone subscription.To connect each BizPhone extension to Global DNC, follow the steps below: Go to the Bizphone app Choose Setting tab Select DNC Extension tab Select the extension(s) ...

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Connect Global DNC to SMS Marketing

Your SMS Marketing will automatically integrate with Global DNC if your account has one.  By default, all of the SMSes sent out from your SMS Marketing app will check against ...

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Consent Management

Functions: Usage: Record company’s internal Blacklist/ Whitelist. Access: by DPO and Manager Note: The Consent record of a company will override DNC registration. For example, you are making a call/sending SMS to a ...

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Bulk Filtering

Functions: Usage: to scrub more than one number at a time Access: by all types of users (DPO, Manager, Staff, and Agent) How to use it? Go to the Global DNC app Choosethe Bulk Filtering tab Download a ...

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Integrate Consent List among organizations

You can integrate your consent list (company blacklist) with one or multiple accounts. By doing this, whenever you update your consent, that of the other account will be updated and ...

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Compliance Window

Functions: Usage: investigate a number’s DNC status and its activity logs Performed by whom Status of each check The tool used to check the target number: from Compliance Window, Bulk Filtering, ...

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Download Global DNC Manual

After purchasing Global DNC, do check the user manual in your account. For DPO, go to Bulk Filtering > User Manual For Managers, go to Bulk Filtering > User Manual: For Staffs and Agents, go to Bulk Filtering > User Manual:

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