Unsubscribe and Terminate Subscriptions

Difference between Unsubscribe and Terminate Unsubscribe Terminate When to do  Before the renewal date Any time Usable period Until expiry date No more Refund Not applied Applied, click HERE to learn more. ...

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Get a Refund on Terminated Subscriptions

When an active subscription is terminated, the user will be refunded automatically with the amount equals to: The full amount that the user has paid, if the termination date is within 14 days ...

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Re-activate Expired Subscriptions

Your subscriptions will expire if they fail to automatically renew AND if you fail to manually recover them. Within 28 days after the subscriptions expire, you can contact us to re-activate the subscriptions ...

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Renew Subscriptions

f your account has sufficient credits, our system will auto-renew your subscriptions 7 days before the expiry date, and then send you a tax invoice. If your account has insufficient credits, our system will ...

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Upgrade and Downgrade Subscription

Subscription Upgrade When you upgrade a subscription, for example from Professional to Business, you will pay a prorated difference.For example: You subscribed for an application Professional Plan at $365/year, active ...

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Assign Subscriptions to members

Once a subscription is activated, it is assigned to the owner automatically. To share the subscriptions to other members, follow the steps below. VERSION 1 At the Homepage, select the Subscriptions tab ...

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Subscription status: Active, Expired and Terminated

Active subscription: You can use it normally. Expired and terminated subscription: Expired Terminated Reasons Subscription is on auto renewal but failed to both renew and recover.Subscription is NOT on auto ...

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Understand Renewal and Expiry Dates of Subscriptions

From the Subscriptions page, you can check the subscription expiry and renewal date. NOTES The renewal date is 7 days before the expiry date. The subscription active period includes the start date and end ...

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Number Activation Fee

Background Users will be charged an activation fee if they purchase a new number(s). Different numbers have different activation fees. Applied to: All B3Networks numbers. Ported-in numbers. Scenarios: Purchase new subscriptions with ...

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