Number activation fee

Background: Users will be charged an activation fee if they purchase new number(s). Different numbers have different activation fees. Applied to: All B3Networks numbers. Ported in numbers. Scenarios: Purchase new subscriptions with ...

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View transactions of customer accounts

You can see transactions including subscription activation, credits top-up, or calls of your customers at the account overview page.  Note: Transactions made under the external invoice (invoice number is manually ...

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My customer asks for a refund, can I do that?

Yes, you can. Just pay attention to the following: Refund can be done from your end by using Customer app. Refund is only available when you terminate a subscription: Within 14 days since ...

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Can I give trial to my customer? How to do that?

Yes, you can. A trial subscription can be given to all customers, totally free. Notes: Each account can only have one time trial per application. For example, you cannot offer ...

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Subscription cycle and charge

1. Purchase: Subscription is charged for the whole cycle (e.g. one month or one year) A cycle must be at least one month. A cycle can be customized (e.g. two ...

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Recover failed to renew or extend expiring subscriptions

If any organization has issues with its subscriptions, you will be alerted at the first sight. 1. Failed to renew subscriptions: Possible action: Recover the subscriptions for one cycle Export ...

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Manage the expired subscriptions

When you log in to your account and cannot find a subscription, it might have expired.  Within 28 days since the expiry date: the subscription can be found at EXPIRED status and ...

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Manage the active subscriptions

Go to Customer app > View the customer account > Subscriptions > Click the eye icon on the subscription: 1. Change ownership Click the 2 way arrow to change. You will be required to key in ...

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Purchase a subscription for a customer account

Note: Before getting started, please make sure that the pricing is set up correctly in your Product app. Simply choose Purchase after you View an account: Choose a subscription, service, or hardware that you want to ...

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Manage payment matters of an account (prepaid account)

If you are referring to payment of a Postpaid account, click here. Want to learn the difference between prepaid and postpaid? Click here. Go to Customer App > find the customer account > View > Payment: 1. Credits: ...

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