1. Transfer Call

During a phone call, users can do a Blind Transfer or an Attended Transfer to:

  • Internal Extension
  • A number from the Contact
  • External Phone Number

Once the users hang up the phone, the call will be connected to the transferred destination.Note:

  • Blind Transfer is when you transfer the caller to another agent or number without speaking to the new agent first.
  • An Attended Transfer is when you speak with the new agent before the call is transferred. You can tell the destination agent about the caller’s issue and give any background information before transferring the call (without the caller’s hearing)
  • Click the Options button on the app after you have picked up the call.
  • Choose Transfer Call.
  • You will then see the option to transfer to another party. 
  • Select the proper destination:
    • Internal Extension
    • A number from the Contact
    • External Phone Number
  • Click the OK button.
  • For Blind Transfer, once the user receives a notification that the call has been transferred to the destination, they can hang up and let the caller wait until the destination picks up.
  • For Attended Transfer, once the destination picks up the call, the user can talk with the transferred destination first. Once done, press End Call. The caller and transferred destination will be connected afterward.

2. After Transferring Actions

It is also possible to terminate the transfer attempt in case the users encounter the following scenarios:
  1. The other line is not picking up.
  2. The other line refuses the call after you have introduced the caller or provided the reason for the transfer.
  3. Users change their minds and decide against passing the call.
  4. Users want to perform another transfer.
In order to do so, follow the following steps:
  1. Press Options button
  2. Select one of the below actions:
    • Perform Another Transfer
    • Cancel Current Transfer
    • Go back to call
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