Only the Owner/Admins can access and configure Auto Attendant workflow.

1. Configure a workflow

In order to start configuring the Auto-Attendant workflow, follow the steps below:
1. Click the icon on the top left of the screen > go to Manage Organization

2. Go to Auto Attendant > click Config workflow button at the number to be configured


An Auto Attendant license is limited to one workflow only.3. At Configuration tab, click Edit to configure the workflow. Users can create different call flows for the following relative scenarios:

  • Office Hours
  • After Office Hours
  • Public Holiday

4. Start configuring the workflow by touching the first block to see the list of available commands:

  • Gather Input: Add instructional/greeting messages to gather the input of callers (e.g. extension number or passcode) so that they can be connected to the right person/department directly.  
  • Transfer CallDirectly forwards the caller to a Physical SIM (if any), Phone number, Extension, or Call Centre Queue.
  • Record Call & Notify: For missed calls & voicemail options. Notification can be sent via email and/or SMS.
  • Play Message Only: Play a message to the callers.
  • Set Condition: Calls that satisfy the conditions set will be forwarded to the specified destination or command.
  • Confirm: Used if Caller confirmation is needed.
  • WebhookUsed for delivering Auto-attendant data to other third-party applications in real-time.
  • Forward To: forward calls to a particular block within the workflow.
  • Genie: Supports Authentication Flow (Call Center) to verify the identity or to validate the authenticity of data. (Contact our Technical Support for more details).


There will be no impact on the stable version (if any) during the editing process until it is deployed.


There will be no impact on the stable version (if any) during the editing process until it is deployed.

2. Export/Import a workflow template

Users can export/import a call flow template (if any) to the Configuration page and edit the information accordingly.
Click HERE to have some basic workflow templates.

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