1. Click Create Organization > Fill in Organization Information:
    • Organization Name
    • Country: determines the tax applied. Find out more at Portal Settings > Tax
    • Currency
    • Timezone
    • Pricing Model: There are 2 types of pricing models:
      1. App Type:
        • The existing independent application (e.g., Bizphone, SMS Marketing, Virtual Line, Wallboard,…)
      2. License Type:
        • The unified pricing with the unified experience and solution.
        • Functions will be bundled depending on the license type purchased.
        • Licenses are included in the CPaaS app (e.g., Phone System Base License, Developer Base License, MS Teams Addon License,…)
      • Note: Pricing Model cannot be changed after creating an account.
  2. Fill in Billing Information:
    • Billing Email: receives all billing and payment matter notifications (low credit alert, subscription notification).
    • Billing Address
    • City
  3. Fill in Owner Details:
    • Given Name
    • Family Name
    • Owner Email
  4. Complete the process
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