Payment settings include:

  1. Configure the payment method of the customer
  2. The amount of the auto top-up invoice
  3. The threshold to trigger a top-up invoice
  4. Enable/Disable trigger auto top-up

In order to configure it, please follow the step below:

  1. Go to the Finance app
  2. Choose the Organization Management tab
  3. Click the Clock icon
  4. Adjust the settings: 
    • Payment method:
      • Cheque or Telegraphic Transfer: allows the system to auto-trigger an invoice to the customer when their credit reaches the limit threshold
      • Online payment by Stripe: appears when customer tops up via credit card.
        • Trigger Amount and Limit Threshold are configured during the online top-up process. You cannot change them here.
      • Issue from your master account: This method allows the partner to auto issue credit from their wallet to their customer’s wallet
    • Trigger Amount: the amount of the top-up invoice sent to the customer
    • Limit Threshold: when the customer’s wallet reaches this limit, the system will trigger a top-up invoice.
    • Enable/Disable Auto-trigger
  5. Save changes


As a security policy, the system triggers auto issue credits ONE time in a day. => Please increase the field Trigger Amount accordingly to the usage of the customer.

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