In case, your customer is running out of credit and cannot arrange the payment in time, you can set the credit limit for them. 

  • For PREPAID account
    • Credit limit enables the account to work when the credit balance goes negative. When you receive the payment, please add the payment in to clear the debt.
    • Credit limit can be temporary or permanent.
    • Credit limit is applied to ALL transactions and accumulates over time.
  • For POSTPAID account
    • Credit limit is required.
    • Credit limit is applied on the Unbilled amount and is Reset every month.

Guidelines to determine the credit limit

Payment schemeSending out invoiceType of invoices to be sentUn-billed amount
Estimated credit limit
PREPAIDN/AN/AN/A– An amount to cover transactions in a period (Temporary credit limit).
– Large credit limit until the users top up their account (Permanent credit limit)
POSTPAIDYes– Individual invoice (subscription, add-on, service and hardware) – Monthly tax invoice (usage)
Usage charge (call, SMS, fax, Number activation fee)Usage charge

Yes– 1 consolidated monthly invoice (All transactions are composed in the monthly tax invoice)All transactionsSubscription + hardware/service + usage

NoNoAll transactionsSubscription + hardware/service + usage

Check Credit Limit

View the column Credit limit to know the amount of credit configured for the customer.

Change credit limit

  1. Go to the Finance app
  2. Choose the Organization Management tab
  3. Search Organization by:
    • Name
    • UUID
    • Wallet ID
  4. Select Set credit limit
  5. Input an amount for the Credit limit 
    • Temporary increase days (optional for Prepaid account) – The credit limit will expire after temporary increase days. 
  6. Save Changes
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