Outbound Call is where you can choose Caller ID and Outbound Call Rule for your extension.

1. Caller ID

Caller ID can also be changed from the Mobile/Desktop App (if any)Caller ID can be:

  • Identity: 
    • Your assigned numbers
    • Your registered numbers
  • Delegation: your Boss’s numbers

2. Outbound Rule

Outbound Call Rules are already created by Owner/Admins of your Organization. 

At this section, you can only choose which created Outbound Call Rules you want to follow.

3. DNC and Consent Actions:

These 2 sections will only appear if you have DNC License.In this section, you can configure your own DNC and Consent actions to:

  • Allow (Bypass): bypass Singapore DNC Registry and Company Consent List. 
  • Prompt (Check and Ask): check DNC Registry and Company Consent List. If it’s a DNC number, ask whether you want to proceed with the call or not.
  • Block: check DNC Registry and Company Consent List. Automatically drop the call if it’s a DNC number.
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