If a contract is being IN_PROGRESS and your customer wants to modify it, you can replace it with a new one.

  • The new contract start date MUST be earlier than the current contract end date. 
  • All SKUs in the current contract MUST be included in the new contract.
  • The quantity of each SKU of the new contract MUST be higher or equal to the quantity of provisioned SKUs. 
    • Example:
      • Old contract: quantity limit = 7, provisioned 5
      • New contract: quantity limit is >=5
  • The duration of the new contract can be different from that of the old contract.
  • A canceled contract is NOT refunded. If you want to refund, please do it manually.

In order to replace a contract, please follow the steps below:

  1. Go to the Contract app
  2. View the contract that you want to change
  3. Select Replace Contract
  4. The new contract is PENDING and needs to go through the contract process again:
    • Step 1:  Create a contract
    • Step 2: Billing Plan
    • Step 3: Subcontract (optional)
  5. After the new contract is READY and all subscriptions are moved over, the old contract is CANCELLED.
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