• Previously, users are not allowed to top up below SGD 50. From Aug 1, 2018, users can top up any amount. However, they will be charged an admin fee when the amount is below a threshold.
  • Top-up threshold and admin fee applied:
CurrencyTop-up threshold Admin fee
SGD/USD/AUD 20 1  
MYR 60 
VND 300,000 18,000 


  • For auto top-up: 
    • The next auto top-up still follows the last top-up amount. However, if it’s below the threshold (e.g. SGD 20), it’ll be set as the threshold value instead. 
      • Auto top-up value = max (threshold, last top-up amount). 
      • Max of 1 auto top-up per day still stands.
  • For subscription renewal: subscription renewal can be charged below the threshold. No admin fee applied.
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