The Withdrawals tab would help the partner to:

  1. Take back credits from the customers
  2. Withdraw credits for the customer for some reasons:
    • The customer does not need to use services anymore.
    • Withdraw commission

In order to withdraw, please follow the step below:

  1. Go to the Finance app
  2. Choose Withdrawals tab
  3. Click + New Withdrawal
  4. Fill in the necessary information:
    • Customer: Select the customer from the list or copy the organization UUID of the customer into this field
    • Amount: the amount of credit to withdrawal
    • Payment Gateway: Cash/Cheque/Bank Transfer
    • Payment Reference: the record given from the Finance/Account team
    • Reason: the reason for reference
  5. Create


Please be careful to proceed withdrawals as Finance App does not support to delete records.



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