Since 1979, as a distributor of Toshiba communication and IT products manufactured by Toshiba Corporation, Toshiba Data Dynamics Pte Ltd (herein refer to as TDSP) has grown to be acknowledged as one of the renown telecommunications and IT companies in Singapore today. World-renowned for its technology, market dominance and quality products, TDSP’s “Dynamic Difference” has made significant contribution towards making Toshiba, a world-class brand in this challenging marketplace.

With the evolving technology advancement, decoupling of companies in the name of business efficiency is needed to sharpen our business edge.  TDSP is now, proudly a 100%-locally-owned company.  Our commitment shows the evolution of our Company since its founding in 1977. The company is renamed to “Data Dynamics Pte Ltd” (DDPL in short).

DDPL has kept ahead with the pace and dynamism of the current millennium by constantly improving its product offerings and investing in its human resource. More importantly, it has adopted the attitude to stay relevant in this exciting business landscape. Today, its specialized business divisions are:

  • Mobile Computing (Notebook Computers and Peripherals)
  • Business Communications  (Keyphone Systems, Cloud & Telephony Solutions)
  • Security Systems  (CCTV and Door Access Systems)
  • Memory Products  (SSD, MicroSD, USB and SD cards)

The “Dynamic Difference”

Over the last few decades, DDPL has built a reputation for supplying clients with the optimal solution to both corporate and end-users’ communications needs, as well as for providing excellent after-sales service and technical support. The company is committed to fostering lasting relationships with its clients, based on trust and on the confidence that DDPL always delivers on the promises. That, and the value the company places in its human resources, differentiates DDLP from the competition.  We call it the “Dynamic Difference”.

DDLP is here to help you to tailor your connectivity on-the-go for your business, your home, and your school. Simply touch base with us. We’d love to hear from you.


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