1. Assign a subscription to a contract

If a contract is CREATED or READY after the subscription is provisioned, you can still assign the subscription to the contract.
In order to assign a subscription to a contract, please follow the steps below:

  1. Go to the Customer app
  2. Find the appropriate customer
  3. Choose Subscriptions tab
  4. Select a Subscription,click on the Eye icon
  5. At the Contract section, choose to Add a contract
  6. Choose a Contract
  7. Assign

Note:Please make sure the subscription and its items are included in the contract. Otherwise, it is blocked off renewing. Note on Subscription Expiry Date and Contract End Date:

  • Expiry Date <= End Date: provision normally
  • Expiry Date > End Date: do not support

2. Switch subscription from this contract to another

In case you want to re-allocate a subscription to another contract, just follow the same steps as above and change the Contract.

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