• The Owner can assign created Teams to Admins so they can manage settings for their Teams. 
  • Admins can check which Teams they have been assigned to.

Note:Within the Organization:

  • Maximum number of created Teams = 100 Teams
  • Maximum number of Teams that an Admin can be assigned = 100 Teams

For Owner:

In order to assign Teams to Admins, follow the below steps:

  1. Click on the Profile icon
  2. Go to Manage Organization
  3. Select Members tab
  4. Choose a particular Admin that you would like to give permission
  5. Select Manage tab
  6. In the People section, choose Assign teams
  7. Select appropriate team(s)
  8. Assign


  • If an Admin is not assigned to any team, that Admin has the privilege to manage the whole organization.
  • To revoke the privileges of the Admins from managing a particular Team to manage the whole organization, select Turn on to grant manage the whole organization.

For Admin:

Once Admins are assigned to manage Teams by the Owner, the Admin:

They can only see the Members of their Team.

They can only see the Team(s) that they have been assigned to manage.

They are allowed to change, update the Application Settings for themselves as well as the members within their teams.

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