Call From:

  • It is applied in the case when you are using the Call Back method (for more detail, refer to the Calling method section). 
  • You will receive a call on this number.

Caller ID:

  • Caller ID is the number that will display on the recipient’s phone.
  • Users can switch to other numbers that are available in their Caller ID list.

Calling method:

There are 2 types of calling methods:

Use when your phone is connected to a strong and stable Internet connection (e.g. Wifi).

Use when your phone is not connected to a strong and stable Internet connection (e.g. 3G). 
  • Internet connection is only to send the initial signal to our system. 
  • The quality of the call back does not depend on the internet connection. 
  • When you dial a number, you will receive a call to your device (to the number keyed in at Call from) and connect to the recipient.


Avoid using Call Back when overseas. The call back to your overseas phone number will incur roaming charges by your Telco.


DNC Configuration:

DNC is a Do Not Call registry.
Once this function is enabled, our system will check the number whether it is a DNC number or not, and give you the result according to the below actions.
Available actions:
  • Check and ask
  • Check and block
  • Bypass all
  • Bypass consent
  • Bypass DNC
  • Disable

Call Recording

Recording your incoming and outgoing calls.


For the DNC and Call Recording Configuration, please contact your Admins to set it up from the Admin Portal.


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