The Unified History provides a true full view of call transactions for all of the subscribed applications.To check the Call History, please follow the steps below:

  1. Click on the Profile icon
  2. Choose Manage Organization
  3. Go to Call History
  4. Select:
    • View:
      • Me – Personal history
      • Everyone
      • Teams – Assigned Teams
    • Date RangeAvailable within a year (started from 1/1/2021)
    • Additional Columns:
      • Original Called Number
      • Talk/Total Duration
      • Call Recording/Voice Mail
      • Wallboard
      • Flow
      • DNC

Call History Design

The call transaction is divided into 2 levels:

1. Call Transaction Level

  • Main Transaction:
    • Contains every basic information about a call that a user with minimum experience about call flows can still understand.
Call TypeDefinition
IncomingCalls come from outside the B3networks system.
OutgoingCalls initialized inside the B3networks system.
ForwardingCalls come from outside the B3networks then be forwarded to outside B3networks again.

2. Leg Transaction Level

  • Sub Transaction:
    • Contains detailed information about every participant who has ever joined a call.
Call TypeDefinition
(First Leg)
The incoming call connected to destination party such as:An IVR treeAn automation botA SIP endpoint (IP Phone, BizPhone mobile, Bizphone desktop, etc…) 
(First Leg)
The Caller connected to the system.
(Second Leg)
The Caller connected to the Destination party.

Call Status

The system will base on the below priority order to determine the call status.When to apply this:

  • In the call flows where the destination has multiple active devices (Mobile, Desktop, IP Phone…).
  • In the call flows where there are multiple destinations.
1answeredThe call is answered by the recipient
2unansweredThe caller waits until the line is automatically cut by the system because the recipient doesn’t pick up the call 
3busyThe recipient declines the call or the recipient is on another line 
4cancelThe caller hangs up before the recipient picks up the call 
5blockedThe call is blocked by DNC  
6failedThe call is failed to initiate or failed to reach the recipient’s devices

Access Control

Generally, there will be 3 roles:

  1. The User (Personal scope)
    • Can only access his/her own call transactions
  2. The Team Member (Team scope)
    • Can access his/her own call transactions
    • Can access his/her teams call transactions
  3. The Owner/Admins (Organization scope)
    • Can access all call transactions of the organization

Click HERE to know how to give permissions to your members.

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