In order to set up your selling price, please follow the steps below:

  1. Go to Product app > Selling products
  2. Filter by type
    • App: Pricing of applications, e.g. SIP, Bizphone, Call recording…
    • Telecom: Pricing of usage, e.g. Outgoing/Incoming call, Fax, SMS, DNC check,…
    • Number: Pricing of numbers (DIDs)
    • Hardware: Pricing of hardware, e.g. Phone, Handset, Doorbell system,…
    • Service: Pricing of service, e.g. Admin fee, Porting fee, Number activation fee,…
  3. Edit the price:
    • Single product
    • Batch price edit

1. Edit single price:

  1. Click View the product
  2. Select View the variant that needs to change the price. 
  3. Click the pencil icon > Edit the price > Cancel or Save the change

2. Edit multiple Pricing at a time:

  1. Choose Batch Price Edit
  2. Select Currency > Select Type > Select the product(s) > Download the current pricing > Update the file with the new pricing
  3. Go to Upload Updated Prices > Upload the file
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