In the Gather input section, users are allowed to:

  • Add a greeting message to gather Callers’ Input 
  • For example: 
    • Press 1 for sales
    • Press 2 for support
    • Etc.

In order to set up it, please follow the steps below:

1. Create Gather Input

2. Set up IVR message

The maximum MP3 file allowed to upload is 5Mb.

3. Configure next blocks

  • Equal to
  • Any digit
  • No digit
  • Upload digits
  • Matches regex
Choose one among the commands listed to set up the extension after the callers press the key.
  • Gather input: Add another layer of extensions   
  • Transfer call
  • Record missed calls and notify
  • Play message only
  • Forward to (below)
  • Set condition
  • Confirm
  • Webhook 

4. Advanced settings – Context variables

Use the fields if you need to integrate the input into your system. Contact our technical support for more detail.
Context variables describe the user-defined parameters, global data, and block data that are passed through the Virtual Line blocks at runtime, and can be used as a condition in the next block setting
  • Variable name = $.variablename
  • $.Variablevalue = value
Some global context variables:
Use case:
Requirement for Incoming calls to Virtual Line:
  • If a caller inputs account number = 123, the call will be transferred to extension 107.
  • If a caller inputs account number = 456, the call will be transferred to extension 109.
  • Otherwise, calls will be transferred to extension 121.

Click HERE for setting Conditions instruction.

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