n this section, if calls satisfy the setup conditions, they will be forwarded to the specified destination.
To set up, please follow the steps below.Tip:You can create more than one condition for a branch. Finish one and create another.

Step 1: Select Set Condition and then Save

Step 2: Click Next Step(s) to configure


Step 3: Configure

Give your condition a process order. 
  • The lower value will be processed first. 
  • For example: if you have 3 conditions A, B, C with the value from 1 to 3, the order to process is A-> B-> C.
Condition types:
  • Match Pattern: caller’s number matches a predefined pattern.
  • In Date Range
  • In Time Range
  • Upload Numbers
  • Validate Expression: this condition will be based on the data received from the customer’s integrated system (e.g, Webhook).
  • Otherwise: if the call does not match with any condition above

  • The caller’s number matches a predefined pattern.

  • Equal: {{$.variablename}} === ‘data’
  • More than: {{$.variablename}} > ‘data’
  • Less than: {{$.variablename}} < ‘data’
  • More than and equal to: {{$.variablename}} >= ‘data’
  • Less than and equal to: {{$.variablename}} <= ‘data’
=> Variablename must be predefined in Advanced Settings at the previous steps.
Note: To avoid conflicts between conditions, please contact us for more instruction if you want to use <=>= for each specific case.
Virtual Line is integrated into Webhook. When a call comes in > Virtual Line posts data to Webhook endpoint > Webhook responses to Virtual Line > If it fits with the expression, go to the next block settings.

Click HERE for Webhook instructions.

If the call does not match with any condition above.

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