Step 1: Create a Main-contract

  1. In order to create a Contract, please follow the steps below:
  2. Go to the Contract app
  3. Select +Create Main Contract
  4. Fill in the obligatory field:
    • Buyer
    • Duration
      • Example: Contract length = 24 months (1 Jan 2020 to 31 Dec 2020; start date and end date is inclusive)
    • Currency
    • Items
  5. Choose +Add Items:
    • Products
    • Variants
    • Sale models
  6. Click Confirm to continue
  7. Set the Quantity Limit and Customize the Pricing
    • Quantity limit is the maximum amount that an item can be purchased.
      • It is optional when the billing plan is As Incurred. You can leave it blank, which means no limit = UNLIMITED.
      • It is compulsory when the billing plan is Milestone. This is to calculate the value of the contract = (Unit price x Quantity x Duration).
    • Pricing can be overridden, regardless of public pricing (set in Product app) and discounted pricing (set in the Discount app).
  8. Save

Your contract is now created. However, it is DRAFT and cannot use yet.=> You will need to complete all of the mentioned steps above to make it complete.

For a better experience, please make sure the buyer is a POSTPAID user.

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