Dashboard is only available for Inbound Call Center.

  • Provides real-time information related to contact center performance
  • Allows the supervisor to select and customize different metrics to show in the dashboard
  • Can be shown on a big screen

Sample of a captured report (data shown are grouped by queue):

Call statistics:

The total number of calls in the queues.

Abandoned rate:

What is an abandoned call?An abandoned call is a call initiated to a queue but is ended before any conversation occurs.

  • Abandoned Call = No available agents assigned OR None of the assigned agents pick up the call. 

What is an abandoned rate?Measures the dropping rate of the callers while they’re in the queue.

  1. Long abandoned: number of abandoned calls within a long period (>10 seconds)
  2. Short abandoned: 
    • The number of abandoned calls within a short period (default value = 10 seconds).
    • This is because people may have dialed the wrong number and then hung up.
    • Typically this type of call is not used when calculating the Service Level.
  3. Formula:

SLA (Service Level Agreement):

Measure the performance of the call center or queue. SLA threshold is configured in Queue Management.

  1. This SLA is affected by 2 factors:
    • Numbers of calls answered within the threshold of all the agents
    • Numbers of abandoned calls
  2. Formula:

Number of agents and their statuses:

Below agents’ name is the period that the agent has been in that status:

  1. Available
  2. Talking
  3. Wrap up (adding details in incoming calls notification popup)
  4. Busy
  5. Offline
    • Example: Jane Le (#120) was available 6 hours ago, meaning that agent Jane Le (Extension number 120) has been available for 6 hours.

Current calls in queue:

Number of calls in queue right now

Longest wait time:

The longest wait time of callers when they wait for someone to pickup their calls

Average call duration:

The average talk time per call during the filter period.

  • Average call duration = (sum of incoming talk duration + sum of callback talk duration) / (sum of answered incoming + sum of answered callback)

Average wait time:

The average wait time of callers when they wait for someone to pickup their calls

Download Dashboard Report:

  1. Choose a queue
  2. Choose a refresh interval (10 seconds, 30 seconds, 1 minute or 5 minutes)
  3. Choose a time frame
  4. Download


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