Reports tab:

Reports tab allows users to download enhanced reports with detailed information about the Call Center operations.

  • Each report has a different layout and content, depending on what information is required.
  • Reports are feasible and chargeable depending on the specifics of the request itself.

Sample of generally available reports:

  • Wallboard Incoming Calls
  • Wallboard Agent Activities

Wallboard Incoming Calls:

Wait Duration
The time the caller waiting in the queue before getting connected to an agent.
Answer Duration
The time it takes for agents to answer the calls assigned to themIf the call is transferred to other agents then the Answer Time is counted toward the agent who answers the call only.
In the case of ring-all, the Answer Time only be counted toward the agent who picks up first.
In the case of agent misses the call assignment, it will be counted as exceeding the Answer Threshold
Talk DurationThe actual talking time between the agent and the customer.
Hold DurationThe time the caller is put on hold while waiting for the agent.
Wrap Up DurationThe time that the agents spend to close the call before they’re ready to take another call. This period is usually referred to as After Call Work (ACW).
The supervisor is able to set the Maximum time allowed for ACW. Once the agent hits this value, the next call will be assigned to her.
The default value is 60 seconds.
Handle DurationThe total time is taken by the agent to handle the customer.

How to download reports?

In order to download the reports, please follow the steps below:

Version 1:

  1. At the Homepage, select the Reports tab
  2. Filter by:
    • Template
    • Date and Time
  3. Download CSV

Version 2:

  1. Click on the Profile icon
  2. Go to Manage Organization
  3. Select the Reports tab
  4. Filter by:
    • Template
    • Date and Time
  5. Download CSV
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