When an active subscription is terminated, the user will be refunded automatically with the amount equals to:

  • The full amount that the user has paid, if the termination date is within 14 days of activation/renewal
  • The rest of the duration of the subscription, in months, if the termination date is after 14 days of activation/renewal.

For example, your subscription is activated on 12 June, expires on 11 Aug (active for 2 months). If it is terminated on June 25, you will receive 2 months full refund. If it is terminated on June 30, you will receive a 1-month refund only.

  1. We reserve the right to issue refunds and credits at our sole discretion.
  2. In the case of a successful refund, an administrative feewill be levied on top of the refund amount to cover processing costs and bank charges.
  3. Following are the administrative charges for a refund based upon the currency of your account
    • SGD 21.40
    • MYR 60
    • HKD 110
    • AUD 20
    • USD 17
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