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You have a great idea and cannot wait to share it– take a moment to browse and see if someone else has already posted this idea, and cast your vote for it. If you post something that has already been posted, it will be merged into the originally posted idea.

The B3Networks Academy team audits every idea to ensure that we are reporting the most accurate information to our Product team.

One Submission = One Idea

To make sure that your idea or feature request is prioritized appropriately, please only submit one idea per submission. This will help us move your ideas to the correct Product team for review. We welcome all your ideas! Send as many submissions as ideas and feature requests you have!
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We promise we do read every single idea!

We love to hear your feedback, and always share your ideas with our product teams. Even if your post or comment doesn’t receive a response, it’s been viewed and audited.

Please note: there are no guarantees that your request will be developed. There is not a magic number of votes or comments that will get your request prioritized. The B3Networks Ideas platform aims to understand use cases and discuss and recognize challenges and possible improvements for the B3Networks platform and products.
We do not share roadmap details

From time to time, we may share a general idea of where things land on our quarterly roadmap or when something can be expected to be rolled out. Note that priorities for product development shift and ETAs may change without notice.

If the B3Networks Academy gets an update from our Product developers, we will share what we can on the corresponding ideas.
Some Reminders!

We understand that ideas and feature requests often come from a place of frustration with the product that does not fit with your specific use cases.

Remember – the B3Networks Academy is a small group of human advocates working with the Product team on your behalf. Please be respectful and professional.

Our  Terms of Use apply to the B3Networks Ideas platform.

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