In offices with Hot Desking, workers take whatever desk is available, instead of having one assigned space. When the agents start their working shifts, they just need an available phone and login to their extensions/identities and start working, everything such as contact, history, Caller ID would be synced.Notes:Hot Desking Extension should NOT be:

  1. Assigned to an identity
  2. Enabled Call Recording
  3. Enabled Voice Mail
  4. Enabled Mobile / Desktop 
  5. Enabled DNC. If already enabled, set DNC and Consent action to BYPASS

Set Up Hot Desking

To enable Hot Desking, log into the account as Admin, go to:

  1. Go to Manage Organization Members > Pin Create New Pin.
  2. BizPhone > Extension > Click the specific extension > Enable Hot Desking
  3. Connect IP Phone to the SIP Credentials
  4. Users now can log in Hot Desking device by their PIN 

Code Pin Login / Logout: 00#

  • Dial 00# + Press PIN Login
  • Start using the device as your identity.
  • Dial 00# 


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