If you want to give your customer a discount (special pricing), please go to the Discount app.

You are able to set up a discount to micro-level:

  • Customer level: each customer can have a different discount rate
  • Product level: supports SKU level.
    • Product: app, number, usage, hardware, or service
    • Plan: one or multiple plans of a product
    • Cycle: monthly, yearly or both
  • Expiration: 
    • Temporary
    • Perpetual

Set discount for a customer account:

In order to set a discount for a customer, please follow the steps below:

  1. Go to the Discount app
  2. Click Set Discount
  3. Search a particular customer by their Name or UUID
  4. Search and Select
  5. Choose the Rules to set for your desired product:
    • Scope
    • Amount
    • Effective Period
  • All Products with type: 

  • All variants of a product: 

  • All sale models of a variant of a product:

  • A specific sale model of a variant of a product: 


  • Percentage: the percentage that you want to discount for customers (eg: 20%, 30%,…)
    • All prices are before Tax.
    • Available for all Scopes
  • Fixed: the fixed amount that you want to discount for customers (eg: 2$, 5$…). 
    • All prices are before Tax. 
    • Only available for A specific sale model of a variant of a product Scope.
    • As the discount is in amount, not percentage (%), a change in Pricing configured in the Product app does not affect the existing discount.
  • Unlimited: The discount takes effect until any changes are made.
  • Limited: The discount takes effect within the set time range.

6. Submit Successfully added discounts look like below:

  • Set Discounts for this Buyerto set another discount for this customer account.
  • Search: to search the existing discount settings of this buyer.
  • Activity Logs: to check all the histories of discounts.
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