Enterprise Call Recording is the latest updated design that automatically captures every call transaction taking place within your business while fulfilling both basic and compliance requirements.

Basic requirements:

  • Record inbound and outbound call transactions in a digital audio file format.
  • Able to store, retrieve, playback, and download call recording files.

Compliance requirements:

  1. Ensure that there is no file loss and file integrity for all recorded transactions.
  2. Guarantee that all call transactions across the modules are properly captured regardless of the subscriptions or the configurations. 
  3. Transfer securely and completely between the internal modules and to the external systems (if applicable). 
  4. Assure that there is only one single copy stored in the customer’s premise and that file is not corrupted.
  5. Support better security. There is no public link to be generated anywhere when accessing the file even the user should have the access right to access it.


  • Call transaction is recorded.
  • The recording file is converted to an MP3 file.
  • Once the call ends, the recording file will be renamed and encrypted to store at the User SFTP Server.

How to use the Enterprise Call Recording?

In order to use this feature, your account must enable the Call Recording Compliance Flag.

  • Once it is turned on, the system will record all of the inbound and outbound calls regardless of the Call Recording configurations and subscription.
  • This function is only be enabled at the back-end. Therefore, please contact our Support Team for more information.
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