What is MS Teams?

Microsoft Teams was launched in 2017 and it is an upgraded version of Skype for business and Microsoft Lync. It is a persistent chat-based collaboration platform complete with document sharing, online meetings, and many more extremely useful features for business communications.
In 2018 Microsoft released a version including the function for the platform to be used as full telephony (PBX) and they call it “Direct Routing” that allows organizations to connect external phone lines and use Teams as an office phone system.

What is Teams UC Connector?

Teams UC Connector enables businesses to make and receive PSTN & Mobile calls to/from regular telephone numbers by simply using the MS Teams App. MS Teams Connector can also work with other CPaaS Modules like DNC, auto-attendant, call center, call recording, etc. to suit the organizations’ specific needs.

Problem Statement & Solution

Statement: Businesses are starting to switch up. They would want seamless interaction with their customers.
Solution: Combining Fixed phone number with MS Teams makes business number accessible to the employees on any device no matter where they are.
Statement: Integration of hardware with modern communications & collaborative tools can be complex.
Solution: No need for on-premise equipment/hardware that may need maintenance or support, freeing up your IT department for more value-adding work
Statement: Cost expenditures are generally an issue for businesses
Solution: Monthly Subscription model with no upfront investment required. Enjoy free unlimited local calls.

Product Construct

Standard integration
CloudPBX integration
Call Center integration
CPaaS apps integration
Bizphone MS Teams license (Extension)
Virtual Line 
(Auto attendant)
Wallboard (Call center)
Call Recording
Global DNC
MS Teams Direct Routing: make outgoing and receive normal calls
MS Teams Call Forwarding
MS Teams Voicemail
MS Teams Delegation
MS Teams Call Transfer
Number Retention
CPaaS Extension module
CPaaS Auto Attendant module
CPaaS Call Center module
CPaaS Call Recording module
CPaaS DNC module

Call Journey

Standard Integration (make/receive a normal call by MS Teams with a direct number)

CloudPBX Integration

MS Teams User Interfaces

The following screenshots present the MS Teams interfaces:
  • MS Teams Outgoing Call
    • Login your MS Teams account > Go to Calls > Dial a Number > Enter contact > Call
  • MS Teams Incoming Call
    • On both Web, Mobile and Desktop App, users will see an incoming call notification. Click on the Green Call button to pick up the incoming call. 
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