This is where you can configure the Invoice Settings and Templates if you are using the CPaaS Platform Invoicing system.

Important Note:

The settings here will be applied to all your customers. Kindly be careful when you enable or disable any feature.

In this tab, you can configure your Invoices settings and Templates:

1. Invoices Settings

1.1 Notification:

  • Enable the option: ALL customers will receive the monthly tax invoice as well as an individual invoice (tax invoice and top up invoice) after every successful transaction. 
  • Disable: NO invoice will be sent.
    • When you purchase subscriptions in Customer app, you will need to key in an external invoice number.
    • You will be charged the cost while your customer is not charged, not from their balance nor their credit card.
    • These transactions would not be recorded in the system.

1.2 Due days:

  • Due days: the period by which the invoice must be paid.
  • By default, the number is 30. You can adjust it if needed; this change will apply to all future invoices.


You can remind the customers of their late invoices. Click HERE to learn more.

1.3 Invoice number:

  • Edit your Invoice, Credit Note and Quote Number with their Prefix and Length.
  • Length does not include the Prefix. If you choose Length = 7, the format would be IA-0000275.
  • You can also separate the invoice number by their type, by which each type of invoice will have its own sequence.

2. Templates

There are 3 kinds of templates:

  • Due Note: Note appears on invoices that have not been paid yet. You can add some text to note for your customer. It is preferred to be bank account to receive cheque or bank transfer.
  • Paid Note: Note appears on invoices that have been already paid.

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