Account Types

There are 4 kinds of role in Global DNC:

  1. Data Protection Officer (DPO): the most powerful role coming with maximum compliance capabilities and user management tools.
  2. Manager: have limited compliance capabilities. Their main role involves managing and inviting users to use Global DNC as well as updating the company blacklist.
  3. Staff / Agent : ordinary user.
DNC/Blacklist checks on Bizphone, SIP, FAX  and SMS Marketing
Bulk Filtering
Global DNC Mobile App
Link to another Organizations

Manage users on Global DNC

Manage Company Whitelist / Blacklist

Access to Compliance Window

How to designate roles?

From DPO or Manager‘s account, go to Global DNC app > License Management

  • Assign a role to a member
  • Unassign a role out of a member


  • DPO/Manager/Staff usage will be charged under the Organization Account. 
  • Agents will pay for their own usage from their Personal Account.
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