If you want to check some info of your customer accounts that cannot be seen directly in Customer app such as app configuration, subscription assignment, etc. you have to log in to the account using:

  1. Login As 
  2. Remote Support 

Login As Feature

This feature allows you to log in to a specific account without knowing your customer’s password; please follow these steps:

  1. Install the BizOS Extension to your device.
  2. Log into your admin account > Go to Customer app > View the organization
  3. Go to Members > click the eye icon of the person you want to login as
  4. Click Login As
  5. Confirm and proceed
  6. After you click [Yes, I’m sure] the specific organization (under your domain) will be shown in the incognito window to secure all your information.

Remote Support:


  • This feature will only be available if you enable Managed Service in the Portal Settings app.
  • The supporters will have the highest privileges in the customer accounts they are managing (can access all data and update configuration for all apps).
  • Customers will not see the supporters’ information (email, number) in their accounts.
  1. Log into your admin account > Go to Customer app > View the organization
  2. Go to Remote Support > click Support it
  3. Click the profile icon > Switch Organization > Serviced Organization > choose the customer account you want to login > Login
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