Go to Customer app > View the customer account > Subscriptions > Click the eye icon on the subscription:

Click the 2 way arrow to change. You will be required to key in the new owner’s OrgUUID.

View the customer’s members who are assigned to the subscription.

Link the subscription with a premade contract created in Contract App.

  • Upgrade: you need to pay the cost (from B3 to partners) for the pro-rated difference.
    • For example:
      • Your customer subscribed for an application Professional Plan: 
        • Cost (b3-partners) = $365/year
        • Price (you, partner – your customers) = $370/year (configured in Product App)
        • Active duration: from 16 Nov 2020 – 15 Nov 2021
        • Fully paid
      • On 16 Jun 2021, your customer wants to upgrade to Business Plan which has:
        • Cost (b3-partners): $730/year.
        • Price (partner-customers): $740/year 
      • => The prorated charge for Business Plan from 16 Jun 2021 to 15 Nov 2021 (6 months) is: 
        • Cost (b3-partners): $365
        • Price (partner-customers): $370
  • Downgrade: you are not refunded for the difference.

  • Increase: you need to pay for the pro-rated difference
  • Decrease: you are not refunded for the difference
  • Swap number (must be in the same SKU code): free of charge
  • Add more number: you need to pay for the pro-rated difference
  • Remove number: you are not refunded for the difference
  • From yearly to monthly or monthly to yearly
  • Cycle multiplier can be any number
  • The change will be applied in the next renewal cycle

  • If you unsubscribe a subscription, it will expire on the expiry date.
  • You may want to refer to the difference between unsubscribing and terminating a subscription.
  • Quick: extend to a multiple of a defined billing cycle, for ex. 2 months or 4 years.
  • Absolute: extend to a exact date (at least 1 month).

See all records related to the chosen subscription:

End of life a subscription before it expires. This action CANNOT be reversed.
If you Allow Refund for your customers. The following refund policy will be applied: 
  • Within 14 days since the purchase date, the subscription is refunded fully
  • After 14 days from the purchase date, the subscription fee for that month is not refunded. Example: Yearly subscription purchased on May 1.
    • On May 2, the subscription is terminated, the full YEARLY subscription fee is refunded.
    • On May 28 (more than 14 days after the activation date), the amount refunded is the subscription fee for 11 months (the fee for May is not refunded).
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