When you log in to your account and cannot find a subscription, it might have expired. 

  • Within 28 days since the expiry date: the subscription can be found at EXPIRED status and can be REACTIVATED
  • From the 29th day, the expired subscription will be gone and CANNOT be recovered anymore.

See How expired and terminated subscriptions differ from each other?

In order to see it and have it reactivated (if necessary), please choose Subscriptions and filter by Status:

How to reactivate an expired subscription?

Go to Subscriptions > filter by Status: Expired > click the eye icon on the subscription you want to reactivate > Reactivate


  • Make sure your customer has enough Usable credits for the subscription fee.
  • The reactivated subscription will follow the origin subscription start date although the fee is deducted fully.
    • Example:
      • Subscription cycle is from Jan 6 to Feb 6.
      • It expires on Feb 6 and is activated on Feb 23 
        • Subscription: one month fee
        • Duration: from Feb 23 to Mar 6.
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