Netcap is a tool that helps you to capture live network traffic travelling over your network for monitoring and logging. It provides you PCAP files containing the data used to determine network status and attend to problems that may have occurred on the network.

  • Only 1 request of network capturing is allowed as the same time for per node. 
  • Each node in cluster allows to store up to 10 PCAP files.
  • Netcap supports cancel network capture that is in progress.


TagTag for your PCAP file.- Default value: netcap
NodesThe list of node members in your cluster will be captured. – Default value: all nodes
DurationNumber of seconds that network will be captured – Default: 30 seconds – Min: 10 seconds – Max: 300 seconds
Filter by IP NetworksThe IP network will be captured.
If empty, the system will capture all call traffic in the chosen nodes
Maximum sizeMax: 100MB

How to capture a live network?

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