Base on created Bundles, Admins who have appropriate permission can create Orders to purchase for their customer accounts. Once an order is approved, it will be provisioned to licenses/subscriptions in a customer account.
In order to create an Order, follow the steps below:

  1. Go to Order app > Orders > click Create 
  2. Choose a customer account – by Account Name or Org UUID
  3. Select bundle(s) from the created bundle list
    • The bundle component cannot be changed
  4. Decide to provision with or without the Base License (tick/untick the option Purchase add-ons only! to purchase only add-ons). 
    • This option will apply to the whole Order, including all contained bundles.
  5. Select quantity of bundles you want to purchase
  6. Select number (if a number license is included) from the inventory 
    • Number is specified to the country level
  7. Click Create


  • The newly created Order will be Pending to be approvedrejected.
  • The maximum quantity of each SKU per order is 100.
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