Queue Priority:

The priority of queues, determine which call is assigned to agents if they have several incoming calls at the same time.

  • Default Priority is 0 (highest).
  • The value can be in the range 0<x<99
  • Example: One agent is under 2 queues, Sales and Support; priority is 0 and 1. Both 2 queues receive incoming calls at the same time. Wallboard will assign the Sales call (higher priority) to the agent first.

Queue Label:

The name of the queue.

Queue code:

The code is used in case of transfer.

  • Syntax: ##2_queue_code

For example, a call is supposed to reach queue Luk 101 (queue code: 122)but mistakenly goes to queue Luk 102. The agent picking up that call can transfer the call to Luk 101 by pressing ##21122.

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