The variances among SIP networks, such as incompatible interconnection, can disrupt SIP operations. In order to resolve these problems, Edge Server provides SIP Header Manipulation, giving Edge operators the ability to control SIP traffic by manipulating SIP messages. Shortly, Manipulation is to modify SIP Header.


  • Add custom SIP Header, Parameters
  • Capture information from a message and insert it into another message
  • Remove all custom SIP headers
  • Execute the change if the condition is satisfied
  • Drop call or Log message if the condition is not satisfied


  • Manipulation rule is only applicable to Outbound Trunk.
  • Manipulation rule has a restriction to protect Edge Function, which does not allow to modify native SIP Header or native Session Variable.
  • X-EDGE  and V-EDGE are reserved for Edge and not available to modify.
  • X- indicates custom SIP Header
  • V- indicates custom Session Variable


ConditionsOptionalConditions are the set of conditions (max 5 rules) that will be used to decide which action to be performed in Statements or Else Statement

If no conditions is set, it means always matches > always trigger actions in Statements.
StatementsRequiredSequence of actions (max 5 rules) to perform if conditions match.
Else StatementOptionalSequence of actions (max 3 rules) to perform if conditions do not match.

1. Conditions

variableRequiredSession Variable or SIP Header, SIP Params
patternRequiredThe regex is used to define a search pattern

2. Statements

referenceOptionalSession Variable or SIP Header, SIP Params
patternOptionalThe regex is used to define a search pattern
targetRequiredNew Variable (V-) or new Header (X-)
valuesRequiredThe list of values which can be fix chars, or back-reference from reference with pattern

3. Else Statement

actionRequired2 available actions:Log: add log message (can be used to monitor/alert)Drop: hang up the call
paramRequiredString base, depending on the value of action:Message content for logHangup reason for drop

The pattern must follow Perl Compatible Regular Expressions (PCRE)  syntax.

Syntax Description

The below table shows most formalisms provide the following operations to construct regular expressions.

How to create a new manipulation rule

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