The translation rule replaces a sub string of the input number if the number matches the match pattern. The regex engine is used to check for a match based on the match pattern.In other words, this translation rule is to convert the prefix of number as your requirement.Translation rule is applicable to both types of trunks: Inbound and Outbound.

  • Number of translation rules can be created: unlimited.
  • Number of translation rules can be applied to one trunk: maximum 5 rules.


  • Name: name of translation rule
  • Pattern: the pattern of number which will be applied to translation rule
  • Replacement: the replacement for the number if pattern is matched

Pattern and Replacement must follow Perl Compatible Regular Expressions (PCRE)  syntax.

Syntax Description

The below table shows most formalisms provide the following operations to construct regular expressions.

Create new Translation Rule


Test the Translation Rule

You can use this link for regex testing.
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