Sample roles in a transfer call

  • Caller: The person who calls your line
  • (Ext 101): Agent who picks up the incoming call
  • (Ext 102): Agent who receives the transfer call

Main actions in a transfer call

  • From IP Phone: press ##2 + Ext number
  • From Mobile app or Desktop app: press Transfer + Ext number

The process of the call transfer

1. “A” receives the incoming call from an external number.
2. “A” presses ##2 + Extension number. Meanwhile, the caller would hear the music on hold. 
For step 2, the Yealink IP Phone and Fanvil IP Phone which was provisioned can press the softkey “Transfer” instead.
3. There are 4 available scenarios:
  • A presses ##3
  • A resumes the call with the Caller.
A blind transfer is when you transfer the caller to another agent or number without speaking to the new agent first.
  • After triggering the transfer, A hangs up the call immediately.
  • The caller will wait until B picks up the call.
  • A talks to B
  • B hangs up the call (or A press ##3
  • A will then resume to the Caller.
An attended transfer is when you speak with the new agent before the call is transferred. You can tell the destination agent about the caller’s issue and give any background information before transferring the call (without the caller’s hearing).
  • A talks to B initially
  • A hangs up the call
  • B connects to the Caller
Our system ONLY supports transfer calls from an external number, not from an internal extension. 
This process will work with any IP Phones or Softphones that support hold/unhold and have more than 2 concurrent calls. 
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