Queue Management: Note Configuration

Go to Wallboard app > Queue management > Settings > Note configuration:

Disposition codes:

  • Can be used to tag a call based on predefined options & will be reflected in Call Log details. 
  • Agents can choose these codes in the popup after they finish a call. 

Custom Fields:

While Disposition Code only allows a single tag to be chosen per call, with Custom Fields, users can configure multiple options for Agents to tag and add notes to the call which will be recorded into the Call Log details.
Supports multiple and customizable custom fields inside the call center notification popup. Agents can also edit their answers on the History call page if needed.  
Custom Fields will support the following structure:

  • Text Field: agents can type in their own answers 
  • Single Choice Field: agents can only choose one option from the answer list
  • Multiple Choice Field: agents can choose multiple options from the answer list
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