If you are a telecom business, you might consider offering your customer a contract for competitive pricing.

By design:

  • A contract is created by the Partner and tied to a Customer.
  • Components of a contract:
    • Duration: Contract has a start date and end date, beyond which subscriptions in the contract will stop auto-renewal.
    • SKU: Contract defines the SKUs and their quantity to be purchased (from 1 to unlimited).
    • Pricing: 
      • Partner can customize (override system) pricing for desired SKUs.
      • Partner can create a sub-contract with the supplier (e.g. B3) to request the overriding price of the SKUs in the contract.
  • Provisioning and tracking:
    • The contract will be provisioned via Customer app.
    • Contract will keep track of all involved subscriptions and other one-time purchases.
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