Edge is typically deployed at the edge of an enterprise network as the demarcation point. The Edge was born for special purpose that protects and connects communications endpoint. Edge Server controls how calls are started, conducted, and terminated – and all the necessary media streams to allow calls to occur.Edge Server will act as a firewall ensuring every call occurs properly and is protected along the way to its destination. In this instance, Edge Server is like the Session Border Controller that manages the call routing .


  • Voice Vendor Interconnections
    • Trunk Type
      • Inbound
      • Outbound
    • Trunk Setting
      • Support SIP ACL, Firewall, TLS/SSL, SRTP
      • IP Authentication (Peering)
      • Supports CLID and DNIS Transformation
      • Supports G729, G711U, G711A. 
      • Supports DTMF RFC2833
      • Concurrent calls limit by Routes.
  • Routing
    • Routing is using existing B3 Routing logic.
    • Routing is based on 2 factors:
      • CLID: Calling Line Identification 
      • DNIS: Dialed Number Identification Service
    • Manipulation – Translation
      • SIP Header Manipulation
      • CLID & DNIS Translation
    • Signaling Health-check, Signaling Load Balancing, Route Load Balancing and Failover
      • Load: the percentage of call distribution between 2 peers, value starts from 0-100.
        • 100 =>  100% Primary – 0% Secondary: means Failover (always uses the primary peer, the secondary peer will be used only if the call route via the primary route is failed)
        • 50 => 50% Primary – 50% Secondary: means Load Balancing between peer 1 and peer 2. 
        • 0 =>  0% Primary – 100% Secondary: is the contrary of 100
  • BSS / OSS
    • Scalability: Single (1 Edge Server) to Cluster (a group of Edge Servers that work together with the same configuration, partner, datacenter)
    • Able to self-service to add, edit, suspend, and delete vendors/routes. 
      • Suspended vendors/routes 
      • Terminated vendors/routes IP-Peering 
    • Audit history
    • Topology Hiding, NAT solving
    • Able to support vendor reconciliation
      • Raw CDR is required with 24 months of support 
      • Supports Time Zone
    • SIP logs for the calls
      • Homer
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