In the Gather Input command, users are allowed to:

  • Add a greeting message to gather callers’ input. 
    • For example:
      • Press 1 for Sales
      • Press 2 for Support
      • Etc.
There are 2 options to set up the message:
  1. Type your message (TTS – Text to Speech):
    • The message is currently limited to 450 characters. You can add more messages in different languages.
      • Choose Language
      • Choose Pitch: the degree of highness or lowness of a tone; from 0 (lowest) to 9 (highest) 
      • Choose Rate: the speed; from 0 (slowest) to 9 (fastest)
      • Choose Gender of the voice
    • Choose how many times the message is played.
    • Limit the time for the caller to input.
  2. Upload an MP3 File:
    • The maximum MP3 file allowed to upload is 5Mb.

  1. Select a Gather type:
    • Equal to a specific digit (E.g: 1, 2, 123,…)
    • Any digit
    • No digit
    • Upload digits
    • Matches regex
  2. Select a block type and configure it: 
    • Choose one among the commands listed to set up the extension after the callers press the key.
      • Gather input: add another layer of extensions   
      • Transfer call
      • Record missed calls and notify
      • Play message only
      • Forward to (another block within the workflow)
      • Set condition
      • Confirm
      • Webhook
      • Genie

Advanced settings – Context variables:

Use these fields if you need to integrate the data into your system. 
Contact our technical support for more details.
Context variables describe the user-defined parameters, global data, and block data that are passed through the Virtual Line blocks at runtime, and can be used as a condition in the next block setting
  • $.Variable name: $.variablename
  • Variable value: value
Some common global context variables:


Requirement for Incoming calls to Auto Attendant:
  • If caller input = 123, the call will be transferred to extension 101.
  • If caller input = 456, the call will be transferred to extension 102.
  • Otherwise, it will be transferred to extension 103.
  • $.Variable name: $.userinput
  • Variable value: digits

  1. Touch the Gather Input block > click Next Step
  2. At Gather type, choose Any Digit > Max digit allowed: 3 (Collect any digits the callers press with the maximum valid digit = 3)
  3. Block typeSet Condition (choose the type of command to set up the next step after the callers press the key)

 4. Set conditions with condition type: Validate Expression

   a. Touch the Set Condition block >



   b. Set the conditions accordingly

  1. Condition 1:

 ii. Condition 2:

iii. Condition 3:


Click Next Step

Click HERE for more detailed instructions on setting Conditions.

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