Anywhere, anytime access to NEC’s desktop telephone functionality through Android™ and Apple® mobile devices, as well as MAC and Windows devices (Laptop and Desktop).



Your Mobile Workforce Stays Professionally Connected with NEC’s Multiline Client Mobile


At a Glance

  • Support both Smartphone and Laptop/Desktop PC
  • If IP phone User, Single log-in extension.
  • Emulates the intuitive interface of an NEC desktop 32 button self-labeling phone display on personal hand-held devices for a consistent user experience (Same feature on your DT300/DT400 & DT700/DT800 Phone)
  • Operates internally on corporate Wi-Fi network or outside the network on a reliable VPN connection
  • Syncs and provides access to device and Microsoft® Outlook® contacts




At a Glance

  • Support on Smartphone only
  • Support SIP Video – See the person you are talking to for improved communication across your organisation, support SIP camera and SIP conference
  • Require additional SIP client licenses, different extension number from your IP phone.
  • Different phone book from your desk phone
  • Operates internally on corporate Wi-Fi network or outside the network on a reliable VPN connection




At a Glance

  • Support Laptop/Desktop PC Only
  • Presence – provides users with real-time status and availability of their colleagues
  • Instant Messaging – enables users to effectively and efficiently communicate in real-time
  • Integration with UNIVERGE SV9100 Automatic Call Distribution (ACD) – enables users to login as an agent and view real-time queue statistics plus monitor ACD states of other agents
  • Multimedia Softphone – enables mobility and sharing of real-time information through advanced UC applications such as videoconferencing, Presence, application sharing, whiteboard, chat and file transfer



At a Glance

  • Support Laptp/Desktop PC Only
  • Audio and videoconferencing– offers easy set-up and participation in conference calls
  • Presence
  • Application sharing
  • Whiteboard– gives users the ability to review, create and update graphic designs in real-time
  • Instant Message/Chat
  • File Transfer– provides easy method to send one or more files
  • Call Log
  • Call Record

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