Tax Invoice

1. What is a Tax invoice? An invoice provisioned with the services belong to it is a tax invoice. 2. How to handle a Tax invoice? 2.1 Create a tax ...

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Proforma Invoice

1. What is a Proforma Invoice? A proforma invoice is a preliminary bill of sale that send to buyers before service provision. As a result, items in Pro-forma invoices are ...

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After a payment is added to an invoice, it is automatically synced to the Payment tab. This tab is to let you know which payment is used for which invoice.

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Configure invoice number

Go to Portal Settings > Invoice > Invoice number: An invoice number is a unique, sequential number assigned to each invoice. When used properly, invoice numbers make it easy to keep ...

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Negative Invoice

Usually, the amount of a monthly tax invoice is positive. In case the user is refunded and the total refund amount is larger than the total usage amount, the final ...

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Set up Template for Invoices

The template refers to the template of: Individual invoice (Invoice issued right after purchasing or auto-top-up) Monthly Invoice (Monthly statement of usage, purchase and credit balance)  Credit Note (Refund invoices, cancel subscriptions) You ...

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Topup Invoice

1. What is a Topup invoice? This is the invoice that you issue to your customer to top up their balance. 2. How to handle a Topup invoice? Create a ...

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A quotation is a formal statement setting out the estimated cost for a particular job or service. It can be found under Invoice app. Create a Quote In order to ...

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Types of invoices

There are 3 types of invoices in the system: Top up invoice Proforma invoice Tax invoice

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What is Invoice App used for?

Our Invoice app with a simple interface, integrated automation, and PDF invoice generation is designed with your convenience in mind. You now can manage the commercial documents including receipts or ...

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