1. What is a Topup invoice?

This is the invoice that you issue to your customer to top up their balance.

2. How to handle a Topup invoice?

Create a Topup invoice

In order to create a Topup invoice, please follow the steps below:

  1. Go to the Invoice app
  2. Select Invoices tab
  3. Click + Create Invoice
  4. Choose Topup
  5. Fill in the necessary information:
    • Name
    • Billing to
    • Topup amount
  6. Create Invoice

Allocate payment to a Topup invoice

  1. You need to add a payment to the customer account from Finance app.
  2. Allocate the payment to the appropriate invoice(s):
    • At Finance app
    • At Invoice app
      • Select a particular invoice
      • Click on 3 dots icon
      • Choose Payment
      • Select the appropriate payment
      • Allocate


  • If the topped up payment has not been spent on any transactions yet (e.g. call, sms…), it can be removed.
  • Topup invoice that needs to be allocated payment must be sent/marked as sent already.

Provision a Topup invoice

When the top-up invoice is allocated a payment, it is being provisioned.
(e.g, when you allocate $100 to a top-up invoice of user A, the balance of user A will increase by $100 and the top-up invoice becomes provisioned and will be marked as paid)

Void a Topup invoice

As long as the top-up invoice is NOT allocated (or provisioned) & still Awaiting Payment, it can be voided. No credit note is required.

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