Orders tab is the place where the Sales team can keep track of the products that are needed to deliver to the customers, including: Services (automatically fulfilled). Hardware Connectors Once the Sales ...

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Definition: BYOI means Bring Your Own Infra. Partners can use their own infrastructure resources and supply it to their customers instead of selling the ones provided by B3networks. What can be brought ...

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Cost Change Alert

If the service provider updates their costing to you, you will be alerted when you go to the Product app. Please follow the steps below to update the price: Click Here on ...

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Manage the Invoice content for products

This section helps you to manage how the Tax Invoice will be displayed.To set this up, please follow the steps below: 1. Log in your admin account 1. Log in ...

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Configure Selling Price

In order to set up your selling price, please follow the steps below: Go to Product app > Selling products Filter by type App: Pricing of applications, e.g. SIP, Bizphone, Call recording… Telecom: ...

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Add Customized Products to the Store

If you want to add your own products (hardware and services) to the store, please follow the steps below: 1. Go to Product app > Selling products > Create 2. ...

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Add Products to the Store

1. Go to Product app > Selling products > Add Product 2. Choose a product to add (e.g. SIP) > Add 3. Finish > SIP is now available in your ...

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Product App is basically where you can manage the pricing of all your applications, your DDI numbers, your call rates, hardware, and other services. All the pricing that is set over ...

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