If you prefer to use your Stripe account to collect online payment to that of B3networks, this article will help you.


  1. Set up your Stripe account.
  2. Submit a request to gmail.com and get the approval
  3. Invite B3networks to your Stripe account
  4. We would schedule a deployment.
  5. After the migration, your customers can start transacting via your Stripe.
  6. As the customers’ existing cards, which were stored with B3networks’ Stripe, will be all invalidated after the migration, it is essential that they top up again to store their card to the new Stripe.


  • Your wallet (with B3) and your customers’ wallet (with you) remains unchanged. However, the credit flow changes:
    • Before: when the customers top-up to B3 Stripe, B3 issues credits to the partner and helps the partner to issue credits to their customer. Your usable credit is not affected.
    • After: when the customers top-up A to your Stripe, their balance (= your liability) increases A, your usable credit will decrease A. You need to top up your B3 account to maintain positive usable credit.
    • More info on the P2P transactions can be found HERE.
  • Fee and charge are applied. Please contact gmail.com for more information.
  • The error code “Do Not Honor” is due to the card’s issuing bank rejecting the transaction. The bank may have deemed the transaction fraudulent. The only way to resolve this issue is to contact the bank to authorize the transaction. This error code usually comes with a declined 05 code and it is one of the most common codes that merchants receive.
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